Quantitative Research

Quantitative research methods gather information from a large sample.

Quantitative research aims for quantity and statistically sound representations of a population when gathering primary data. It maintains its roots within the social sciences but is used as a tool to gain an understanding of mass behaviour.

Surveys and interviews are used in quantitative research in order to gather mass data. On-line surveys, postal surveys, telephone interviews, and even structured face-to-face interviews can deliver large respondent numbers, allowing for statistical analysis of data.

Quantitative research methods can be combined with qualitative research methods to create mixed methodologies. It may be necessary to begin a project with quantitative methods and later “drill down” using quantitative methods in order to gain a better understanding of quantitative findings.

Quantitative Research Methods

Face-to-face interviews

Our research team are experienced in face-to-face techniques and strictly adhere to the MRS (Market Research Society) code of conduct.  Face-to-face interviewing as a method of personally administering questionnaires has significant advantages as well as some disadvantages.

Online surveys

Many types of research project are suited to online surveys.  Mackman Research has found online customer satisfaction surveys, online employee satisfaction surveys and online perception surveys to be particularly effective. Of course the characteristics of each project need to be fully evaluated before deciding if online methodologies are suitable. We will advise an appropriate methodology in the early stages of a project.

Telephone interviews

Telephone interviews were once considered an inferior substitute to face to face surveys.

Today telephone research is a widely used method of gathering survey data. Mackman Research specialises in low volume telephone surveys of senior executives.  We do not operate a call centre operation but instead have a small number of  very skilled telephone interview researchers.  We encourage you to have direct contact with the telephone research interviewers working on your project.

Postal surveys

Door to door surveys

Mystery Shopping