National Accountancy Firm – Telephone Interview Customer Research

Type of Research

Customer Research – Telephone Interviews


Mackman Research was commissioned to survey owner managed business directors by a leading national accountancy firm.  Company directors were invited by letter to take part in the owner managed business research, to measure UK business activity over a 12 month period.

The survey questions focused on the outlook of business owners, including their opinions on key opportunities and threats likely to face their industries.  Questions were also designed to gain insight into the way business owners are managing their businesses for the future.


Mackman Research was supplied with an initial questionnaire similar to a previous survey.  The results were represented in a comparative report, covering the two year period. Survey participation was in the form of a telephone interview, lasting approximately ten minutes with a Mackman researcher.

Several respondents asked for the survey to be emailed.  A live connection was set up, so company directors could answer the survey questions in their own time.  Contacts who were unobtainable by telephone and had an email address supplied, were invited to take part through additional email invitation.

The survey calls commenced on the 5th November 2009 and ended on the 5th February 2010.

Sample Size and Confidence Interval.

The accountancy firm provided 9949 contact details and a total of 201 respondents took part.  This achieved a 95% confidence level with a confidence interval of +/- 6.84%. The survey consisted of 17 closed questions and 5 open-ended questions.

Question Example

Actual figures have been altered to keep client confidentiality.

In the next 12 months, do you think your company's sales, gross margin, operating profit, head count, will increase, decrease or stay the same, for your company? In all cases, we are referring to your UK operations, not global operations.

201 respondents (2009), 300 respondents (2008)

2009 survey results showed an increase in general positivity for the next 12 months trading (2010) when compared with predictions for 2008.  Representatives of Owner Managed Businesses predicted increased sales, gross margin, operating profit, and head count.

This positivity exists across industries and sectors with the exception of the Property, Construction and Development sector who forecasted decreased sales, gross margins, operating profit and head count.


The research proved to be very important during an unsteady economic climate. The accountancy firm were pleased with the results which achieved essential PR coverage in the national press, promoting their services.