Archive for the ‘Case Study – International Customer Satisfaction’ Category

Archive for the ‘Case Study – International Customer Satisfaction’ Category

International Customer Satisfaction – Online Survey


Mackman Research has worked with Twinings to conduct an international online survey for six consecutive years. The annual survey is centred on Twining’s clients’ customer satisfaction and knowledge of customer services. The survey measures the overall satisfaction levels of customers and their experience of dealing with Twining’s’ International Customer Services. The on-line survey method is used to survey Twining’s clients in 70 countries worldwide.


The questionnaire has been amended and improved year on year to reflect changes in the company and to take in to account the preceding year’s results.

Mackman Research was supplied with a copy of the Twinings’ customer contact database and all customer contacts were emailed and invited to take part in the on-line survey. The on-line survey was “live” over the course of two weeks and a one week extension was agreed, when a low response rate was documented after two weeks. In specific cases, a faxed copy of the questionnaire was used to make certain a response was gathered.


The comparative data demonstrates levels of satisfaction over a twelve-monthly period and the results are cross tabulated to show differences between product and market. The results of the international customer services satisfaction survey continue to help support and monitor improvement to Twinings customer services, coinciding with an important time in their business strategy. We provide a PowerPoint presentation version of the results in addition to the standard comprehensive report.