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Archive for the ‘Mystery Shop’ Category

New MRS Code of Conduct

The Market Research Society (MRS) has launched and updated a new edition of their Code of Conduct, which will come in to effect on 1st September 2014, and is relevant for market, social and opinion research. The Code is significant to the research industry because it underpins ethical research, best practice guidance, legal instruction and ‘exists to protect the entire research supply chain’. With the fast revolutionising research market facing questions about the collection and use of personal data, the MRS Code of Conduct is crucial in helping to protect and regulate first-rate research practice. This gives everyone concerned greater assurance in research from the research providers who adhere to the Code, through to buyers and research participants.

Jane Frost, the Chief Executive of MRS, has said: “The UK research sector is worth more than £3bn and it’s growing. The emergence of massive datasets and the public’s concern around privacy are just two examples of challenges to the sector that didn’t exist ten years ago, let alone sixty. The updated Code is the bedrock on which this sector will continue to flourish - it ensures that research is legal, ethical and transparent, and that is critical to customer and consumer trust.”

Our research director, Gemma Mackman, is a member of the MRS and thus all research carried out by Mackman Research , whether business to business, social, online, telephone, qualitative or quantitative, is executed in accordance with with the rules and regulations.

Our researchers also conform to the Code and follow strict procedures. We are always direct with our introductions when conducting research on behalf of our clients and offer an explanation as to why we are conducting the research. All responses are collected in a strictly confidential manner and in such instance both clients and participants remain anonymous throughout and breaches of confidence do not occur under any circumstances.


Mystery Shopping – Telephone Calls


Mackman Research was commissioned by global engineering company, Atkins to conduct a mystery shopper audit. The telephone mystery shop was to one of their central call-centres. The centre processes calls from customers such as the police, local councils, members of the public and the Highways Agency Traffic Control.


Atkins supplied Mackman Research with a potential set of questions for the mystery telephone shop. Based on this remit, a call summary checklist was put together by Mackman Research to measure the four elements of customer service stated by Atkins, to help monitor and improve overall services. The checklist questions covered areas such as the speed of response, courtesy of response, length of telephone call and the overall satisfaction level of the call, based on Atkins training criteria. An individual checklist was completed by a Mackman senior researcher for each telephone call.

For the mystery shopping to be relevant and credible, Atkins supplied Mackman Research with a list of 32 straight forward scenarios based on previous calls to the call-centre and the researchers made secret calls posing as a genuine caller. Calls were scheduled against staff rotas, to ensure the maximum likelihood of speaking to all call operatives over the calling period.


The results provided a firm measure of levels of service at the call-centre according to the clients’ target areas. Mackman Research delivered a complete investigative report to the client. The data has been used as a training incentive for staff and is an essential tool to help increase staff efforts.

Moving on up…

Mackman Group new office, Sudbury, Suffolk

Mackman Group new office, Sudbury, Suffolk

With the Mackman team continually growing as demand for business increases, the company is moving into a bigger office. The company has acquired a new building in Sudbury, just down the road from the current premises.

The design and technical departments have moved into the new building already, with the marketing, research and publicity teams moving down later in the year. Being a bunch of creatives, everyone has plenty of ideas as to how the new space can be decorated!

This exciting news marks an important step forward for the Group as its steady and significant growth has enabled this move. The new building has plenty of office space, multiple meeting rooms, on site parking and a rose-filled outside space. Watch this space for news of a 'House Warming' party in the New Year!

Mackman Research commended for secret telephone mission.

In December last year, Mackman Research conducted a mystery shopper audit for the leading highways infrastructure and maintenance provider, Atkins (Area 6 MAC Contract). The telephone mystery shop involved Mackman researchers posing as members of staff and members of the public, calling in with a highways concern.

Communications Manager, Melanie Willis, gave the following testimonial, “We commissioned Mackman Research to conduct a mystery telephone shop of our 24 hour network control centre. Mackman carried out the ‘mystery shop’ very effectively. They made every effort to understand the needs and scope of the project and did exactly what they said they were going to do. When the methodology had to change (due to unforeseen severe weather conditions) they were quick to respond. The final report presented the results in a clear and objective way and was produced very quickly. I would recommend using Mackman Research for mystery shopping projects; they did an excellent job for us.”

For more information on our mystery shopping services and to discuss how mystery shopping can benefit your organisation, contact Mackman Research on 01787 388 038.