Customer Satisfaction Survey FAQ's

Frequently Asked Questions

Will you help me design the customer satisfaction questionnaire?

We start by identifying the objectives of your customer satisfaction survey and look at the specific information that you require. We then build the customer satisfaction survey questionnaire based on the information that you “need” and avoid as much as possible information that you would “like” to know. This ensures that the customer satisfaction survey questionnaire is not biased in its design and that it is as short as possible therefore reducing questionnaire fatigue which results in a respondent just giving up.

Questionnaire design is a crucial element to a successful customer satisfaction survey.

Should we offer incentives to participants of customer satisfaction surveys?

In our experience offering an incentive to respondents of customer satisfaction surveys is highly recommended. In nearly all cases an appropriate incentive will increase customer satisfaction survey response rates sometimes even when the incentive is relatively small. The impact upon customer satisfaction survey response rates can be very significant and it is important to identify an incentive that will have a broad appeal.

What time of year is best to run a customer satisfaction survey?

We generally advise our business to business customer satisfaction survey clients to avoid certain times of the year. These would usually be August and December as standard although other time may apply according to the sector. For instance we know that accountants hate to be bothered during busy tax return periods!

Can I be kept informed of customer satisfaction survey results as they come in?

Our customer satisfaction survey results can be made available to our clients on a live basis via a web interface should this be required. For many of our customer satisfaction survey clients this service is very popular and ensures that there are not too many surprises in the final report.

How many questions should a customer satisfaction survey include?

As a rough rule of thumb we recommend keeping the length of customer satisfaction survey questionnaires to 20 – 25 questions. Most questionnaire would however usually contain a variety of different question formats and therefore it is important to also consider questionnaire length in terms of time. We would recommend keeping customer satisfaction survey completion times to about 5 minutes.

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