Perception Survey – Face to Face Interviews

Perception Survey – Face to Face Interviews
November 1, 2013 Mackman Research


Jaffe Porte Crossick LLP is a London based company. The firm is a commercial and private client practice covering a whole spectrum of business matters as well as an individual’s legal affairs. Mackman Research was commissioned by Jaffe Porte Crossick LLP Solicitors to conduct a survey with 100 iPod Nano users. The research was necessary for a private client’s official case.


All 100 interviews were conducted face-to-face in a town centre location in Essex. Members of the public were approached at random and only those familiar with Ipod Nano 3G, 4G or 5G were invited to be interviewed. 6 short closed questions were asked in order to determine the main function use and perceived function of the iPod Nano. In addition respondents were asked for their gender and age group. All open verbatim responses were recorded with accuracy and word-for-word as the research was to be used in a legal case.


100 respondents completed the survey within the time-scale, representing a 100% response rate. The survey consisted of 6 closed questions with good opportunity to comment. The research provided the client with the necessary information to achieve a successful win for their case.


Perception Survey







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