Interviewing High Demand Groups

At Mackman Research we are experts in interviewing and working with people from high demand, sensitive or even marginalised groups.  Our skilled researchers have worked with people with chaotic lifestyles (drug, alcohol and or mental health issues) and those that have experienced challenging life events.

High Demand Sensitive Group Interviews

We have a track record of face-to-face interviews with respondents from deprived households and those who are long-term unemployed.

We conduct interviews in a manner that is both respectful and appreciative of the daily difficulties an individual may face.  Surveying or interviewing a high demand respondent takes a broader understanding of their social situation.  It may also require more time to allow for unpredictable digressions or even events.

The Mackman Research Team are fully aware and experienced in the unpredictable and sometimes erratic nature of high demand interviews and thoroughly enjoy the challenges that they present, as they often provide very honest and culturally rich insights.

Please do contact us to discuss informally your high demand sensitive group research project or to request a quotation or formal tender from us.