Research Training

For those who wish to undertake research projects but do not have the budget to fully outsource research services, Mackman Research offers a comprehensive  training.

Whether you wish to conduct a staff or client satisfaction survey or want to undertake qualitative in-depth research we are able to help you build an in-house team providing research training, guidance and support in order to enable you to produce research that is both meaningful and cost effective.

Our research training services begin with helping you to select the right members of staff from your team to conduct research on your behalf.

We will then guide you through the process from designing a questionnaire and choosing a methodology that fits with your objectives, sampling your target respondents and training your staff to conduct either telephone interviews or to run an online survey.  We will offer support throughout the data gathering process and give further advice on producing meaningful findings.

Mackman Research are also happy to collaborate with your in-house researchers.  Our senior team will design your methodology and questionnaire whilst your team conduct interviews or gather data, finally we will analyse findings making recommendations for service change if need be.

Our research training follows MRS codes of conduct and meets with the requirements of the ISO20252 standard.