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Customer Experience Surveys

Gathering insight from your customers' perspective
A customer's experience varies widely and is influenced by multiple factors. Customer experience, also known as CX, comprises all of the interactions that customers have throughout their journey or interaction with your brand, from the first time they make contact through to conversion.

customer experience Surveys

Customer experience (CX): why it matters

Customers are twice as likely to share their bad customer service experience than they are to talk about the positive experiences. In the experience economy, how a business meets the needs of its customers is as important as what it delivers. Customers have come to expect convenience and immediacy as essential factors when looking for a product or service; they will not hesitate to switch to a competitor with a more customer-centric offering if a business fails to deliver on their expectations.

We design customer experience surveys that tap into what it is that customers expect from their interaction with a brand, enabling businesses to gain an insight into how they can improve their customer experience. This ultimately increases revenue, as research has shown that over half of consumers would pay more for a better customer experience.

"The aim of marketing is to know and understand the customer so well, the product or service sells itself."

Peter Drucker

Our tailored solutions are devised in collaboration with key stakeholders to ensure that the scope of the research reflects the aims and goals of your insight project. Measuring the customer experience over a series of touchpoints in conjunction with a view of the end-to-end process enables the organisation to view the path to purchase through the eyes of a customer, and to design an experience that keeps the customer firmly in mind. This also enables decision makers to quantify which factors are the most important to the audience segments they serve, and ease pain points to maintain customer loyalty and satisfaction.

Customer Experience Surveys | Mackman Research, Market Research Agency
Customer Experience Surveys Illustration | Mackman Research

Our CX Services

Our insight creates competitive advantage by enabling businesses to put the needs of their customers first and understand their journeys. We measure customer experience by designing research programmes that pinpoint opportunities for growth, and explore the actual physical experience or processes involved within all interaction. We look for areas where the customer journey hits snagging points - for example navigational website drop-off points where customers abandon their search, read or basket, and where services are delivered particularly well. Here we consider usability in broad terms and incorporate digital or physical journeys where even ambience or lighting is an effectual factor.

There are two aspects to focus on when gauging customer experience, which can be explored using different research methods or combined into one. The first focuses on the physical experience of the customer relationship. It aims to  measure how customers view their experiences with every aspect of your service offering. This type of enquiry produces great benefits when conducted regularly, for instance, on an bi-annual basis. By monitoring customers' relationships with your brand you can make adjustments to your offices, store, and website, and introduce new products and services. Any changes you make as a result of customer experience research should be designed to improve customer loyalty and satisfaction by assessing experience in a holistic way.

The second approach is through transactional questions, which drill down into specific interactions and how customers view their quality. Customer experience surveys are a vital channel for customers to be heard within a purpose-built structure. Having listened to customer feedback, we produce our recommendations that transform the survey data into strategic insights. When presented to the client, these insights can be put into practice as actions that lead to an improved relationship with customers. We clarify your audience types and assess the best channel to reach your target group to ensure a high response rate.

Why Mackman Research?

Our aim is to make your market research project as hassle free for you as possible. Our clients are allocated account and project managers to ensure that you receive a responsive and professional service. We deliver tailored market research of the highest quality, ensuring that your customers are treated in a professional and sensitive manner.

Our tailored market research methodologies include face to face, telephone, online (web), and postal. Outsourcing customer experience surveys to an agency such as Mackman Research eliminates bias or the potential to be accused of bias. Our high response rates make the research more statistically sound, and respondents are more inclined to give frank responses to a third party.

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How we work

Throughout the entire project, we work with our clients to ensure that their goals and objectives are clear and achievable. Our services are tailored, low volume and extremely high quality. Our extensive experience and in-depth knowledge of questionnaire design results in structured surveys that can be adapted to your business needs. We will help you to create a holistic yet focused piece of research that will, in itself, be a positive experience for your customers.

As a full service agency, we understand the customer's journey and bring our expertise to all aspects of marketing. We are enthusiastic and plain speaking, offering a collaborative approach that keeps you in control. Our responsive, hands-on service helps to set us apart from other providers and our clients value our no-nonsense 'roll up your sleeves and get the job done' service. We enjoy what we do and always listen.

To ensure maximum transparency and authentic responses that comply with GDPR guidelines, we make it clear to customers what the purpose of the research is and how the results are going to be used. Our methods strictly conform to the legal requirements as stated in the Data Protection Act 1998. Subject anonymity is maintained throughout the process of data collection and research loyalties are consistent.

Customer Experience Surveys | Mackman Research, Market Research Agency

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