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B2B Market Research

One of the UK's leading B2B market research companies
At Mackman Research, we have a proven track record of delivering market insight for business-to-business companies. Our B2B market research services are designed to produce actionable and effective strategies for growth based on reliable data, and we work meticulously to a range of timescales to suit every requirement. The high quality research that we produce reduces risk for businesses, and provides the information and understanding to support data-driven decisions.

B2B market research Company

One of the leading B2B market research companies with a proven track record of delivering market insight for business-to-business companies.

Our B2B market research services are designed to produce actionable and effective strategies for company growth based on reliable data. We work meticulously to a range of timescales to suit every requirement. The high quality research that we produce reduces risk for businesses. In addition, we provide the information and understanding to support data-driven decisions.

By taking the time to get to know your business through guided workshops, we tailor our research process to fit the complex individual needs of our B2B clients. Our recommendations are therefore built on a genuine understanding of your industry and individual objectives. Our team of multidisciplinary B2B market researchers help you to explore the most effective options for your business. We understand that working with an outside market research agency can be an uncertain prospect. We therefore pride ourselves on our communication and transparency every step of the way, from initial contact to presentation of results.

B2B Market Research Company | Mackman Research, Market Research Agency
B2B Market Research Company | Mackman Research

A Leading B2B Market Research Company

Our experience encompasses private and public sector organisations, from multinational corporations to local start-ups. We bring this experience to bear on every B2B market research project. In addition, we are always striving to stay informed about the latest research techniques and methods to suit the fast-paced world of modern business.

The B2B sectors we have worked with include:

  • Professional services
  • Media
  • Marketing
  • Manufacturing
  • Renewables
  • Membership
  • Academic & Education
  • Health & Social
  • Charity
  • Government
  • Banking & Finance

Our clients can be reassured by our compliance with industry recognised quality standards. These include the Chartered Institute of Marketing (CIM), the Market Research Society (MRS), the European Society for Opinion and Marketing Research (ESOMAR), and Investors in People (IiP).

Our b2b market research Services

We offer a comprehensive range of B2B market research services for UK companies. Our B2B market research company services hinge around three core offerings. These are satisfaction, perception, and segmentation.

Customer satisfaction

B2B Satisfaction Surveys

It is essential to regularly survey your business clients and your employees. This ensures that your products and services continue to offer the best possible experience. Alternatively, you can measure if your employees are satisfied with their workplace environment and brand. Our customer satisfaction surveys take a measurement of how satisfied or happy your clients are with your product, service or specific point of interaction.

In this sense, we ask if the product or service has met with their expectations. Did it fulfil their needs, and if issues arose, were they resolved? Satisfaction tells you how likely a client is to recommend your product or service. It is a great way to explore service levels across different teams or areas of a business from customer service right through to billing and accounts. Here it can highlight service areas that require training or extra resources.

Similarly, we can help you create an employee engagement survey. Our surveys fully consider the values and drives of your staff members. For example, employee satisfaction surveys will help you investigate fundamentals such as training and development opportunities, commitment, enthusiasm and respect, standards, and overall satisfaction. Our surveys are pitched at multiple levels. These range from umbrella ratings, such as overall satisfaction with a business, to very specific questions relating to stages of the purchase process.

Typically questions will ask respondents to rate the area of investigation on a numerical scale. This can also incorporate Net Promoter Score (NPS). NPS is calculated by asking a key question, using a 0-10 scale: 'How likely is it that you would recommend [business name] to a friend or colleague?' The most effective satisfaction surveys make important up-front considerations about objectives, methodology, questionnaire design, timescales, analysis, reporting methods, and incentives.

B2B Perception Surveys

How do your clients view your brand? Our B2B perception surveys help you to question previously-held theories. For instance, assumptions about the businesses you work with may be holding back change. We encourage reflection on what your offering is, in order to create a comprehensive strategy for the enhancement and continual measurement of how you are perceived by clients.

By researching, analysing and implementing a strategy, we work with you to ensure that you gain invaluable insight into your clients. This includes their path to purchase, their needs, expectations and frustrations, your competitors, your industry's marketplace and the channels and trends that could help to improve the perception of your brand. Brand perception is essential in accruing brand equity. This is the value a brand brings to a business, and its impact on sales and profits. It's important to measure customer perception regularly in order to track it over time. You can therefore pick up on what it is that affects public opinion of your brand.

Customer perception
B2B Market Research Company | Mackman Research

B2B Market Segmentation

By differentiating your audience base, you can better target individual businesses to ensure that the needs of all potential groups are being met. We help you to create personas that visualise the groups of customers that your business must take into consideration when investing in marketing. The key to creating and maintaining successful relationships with your business's different client groups is to plan for and understand their favoured styles of communication and unique needs. This ensures that any messaging that you create will speak to the wants and needs of particular groups based on demographics that may affect their buying behaviour. These include location, economic status, sector, ethos, and media use.

Our segmentation services for B2B clients will help you to create targeted campaigns that resonate with key audience groups and increase the likelihood of conversion. We work with you to anticipate the challenges that your client personas may face. This will enhance your customer support and increase customer loyalty. By working through the creation of personas in a structured way with us, you will gain an understanding of your most valuable customers. Furthermore, you will gain a framework for ascertaining new opportunities that will appeal to key audience groups.

Why Mackman Research Might Be the right B2B Market Research Company for You

We have been working with clients in the B2B sector since 2003 and are recognised as one of the UK's leading B2B market research companies . As a result, our knowledge of different industries is comprehensive. Our portfolio of case studies demonstrates the sheer variety of clients we have conducted successful research projects for. Our experience means that we have accrued a little extra knowledge along the way. From education, to engineering, energy and technology to accountancy, we understand the many nuances of each of the industries that we have worked with. This combined with a B2B market research expertise means that we can help you refine and grow by making informed decisions.

Contact us to find out more about our B2B services today.

How we work

At Mackman Research, we take the time to get to know you and your business. This means that our research strategies are grounded in an understanding of your specific needs. Through the collaboration of our expertise and your business knowledge we can create a research framework that truly gets to the heart of objectives.

Our initial time spent with you will set out the full scope of the project, set timescales and deliverables and give you a chance to really own the research process from start to finish.

Our meticulous process is designed to be transparent and to respect the research participants every step of the way. If we are conducting a telephone or face-to-face survey, we ask clients to send an email to their respondents explaining that they are conducting a survey, and to expect further correspondence.

We design a survey methodology that may include a questionnaire, and review the line of questioning to make sure they give our clients the information they require. If conducting telephone surveys, a researcher will make contact and conduct the interview or arrange a convenient time to call back. We always seek to obtain as much rich verbatim data as possible.

When it comes to analysis, we conduct statistical calculations and cross-tabulations according to the needs of our clients. We may identify threads of important information and will make recommendations for further analysis where necessary. Our visual findings are easy to digest and disseminate across your organisation. However, if you have a specific presentation need, we are happy, as ever, to adapt our style.

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