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Research Design

Supporting your in-house market research team
Our research design services cater for a range of requirements, from designing whole projects to assisting with individual elements of a research project. Our flexible approach aims to assist you in getting the most out of insight, that’s why we offer tailored design solutions to support your in-house team.

Research design

Our research design service caters for a range of requirements.

We work with you on every element of research, from designing whole projects to assisting with individual elements of a research project. Our flexible approach aims to assist you in getting the most out of insight; that's why we offer tailored design solutions to support your in-house team.

Larger organisations often have the in-house capabilities to conduct research but simply don't know where to start. We have the expertise to help you to design your research project from start to finish. Whether you are a marketing manager of a small team, or a team leader working in any department within your company, we can help you by plugging practical research knowledge and skills gaps so that you can concentrate on your day-to-day job.

The most successful research projects are those that provide clear and considered findings that can be translated into plans for improvement and refinement. However, practical results rely upon a well designed research plan, the right methodology, a carefully crafted questionnaire, and a capable and well-briefed team of researchers.

Our research design service has been broken down to offer crucial individual elements to those who already have some research knowledge or capabilities. Combining our professional expertise with your existing understanding will allow you to gather critical and ethical data, and produce user friendly findings that make a real difference to your business.

Our research design service can be instructed in isolation, or we can design your research from early planning and methodological selection, right the way through to delivery of findings. In addition, we offer research training to up-skill your team and ensure that your researchers gather the very best quality data on your behalf.

Research Design Service | Mackman Research, Market Research Agency
Questionaire design


Our experienced researchers are experts at questionnaire design, making sure that your aims and objectives are realised through the careful crafting of a questionnaire. We design questionnaires that minimise survey fatigue and incorporate a range of qualitative and quantitative questions to suit your research needs. Our questionnaires are created using the latest industry knowledge to minimise bias, maximise response rates, and inform your business's decision making. From working with you to thoroughly understand your research objectives to gaining relevant background information on your target audience, we design questions that get to the heart of your insight requirements. We also offer questionnaire design training to up-skill your in-house team or provide the external expertise to facilitate your research project.


Our research design service provides recommendations on the most appropriate methods for your project to suit your requirements and budget. There are a number of survey research methods available to researchers, including in-person and telephone interviews, postal and online questionnaires. These methods have particular strengths and drawbacks associated with them. For example, online questionnaires are increasingly favoured as a method of data capture, as they are straightforward to process and low cost to implement. However, email invitations are required to maximise the response rate, reminders risk being consigned to the spam folder, and the surveys themselves need to be as user-friendly as possible to avoid confusion and fatigue.

We will advise you on the best and most appropriate research methods to use, create a timeline for data collection, and make recommendations for researcher selection and skills sets. Where necessary, we can design a bespoke mixed methodology that will aim to overcome research challenges and deliver the very highest quality insight.

Research Design Service | Mackman Research, Market Research Agency
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Whole projects

Are you missing the necessary resources to design a research project in-house? Or do you simply want to outsource your project to research professionals? Mackman Research offers a research design service for entire projects from start to finish. Our 'whole project' research design begins with taking a brief from you and establishing your aims and objectives. We then begin our design process with a project plan, timeline, resource identification/researcher selection, methodology choice, and budget recommendation.

Depending on your availability, we are able to brief your researchers and offer additional training should there be a need for up-skilling or a skills refresh.

With our 'whole project' research design we also offer additional support for the duration of your research project so that you can confidently negotiate the research field with the reassurance that we are available should you need a little extra guidance.

Project plans and timelines

With all research projects, timing is essential to ensure that the process is as smooth as possible and that deadlines are met. We help you to understand the timescales involved in each step of your insight project, and construct project plans that are both ambitious and achievable. Our project plans factor in your budget and resources, area of investigation, and potential challenges presented by participants. Making clear step-by-step plans, we create illustrative timelines that can be used by your research team leader as a resource and deliverables guide.

From start to finish, we offer detailed research design services that will ensure that you get the very best out of your team and deliver valuable insight. Get in touch to find out how we can help you to make informed decisions.

Research Design Service | Mackman Research, Market Research Agency
Team building

Building teams

When conducting a research project, assembling a project team that has the necessary skills and insight into your company or organisation is essential. We can assist in identifying the skills required to enact specific research methodologies and help you to select the most appropriate people to form your project team. In addition, we can engage stakeholders within your company or organisation to ensure that they are on board with the project and its aims, and are able to make valuable contributions to the overall project's outcomes. Following an initial consultation period where we establish your research aims, objectives, and staff structure, we may then be required to conduct some additional staff investigations in order to assess skills and competencies. Once this brief audit is complete, we will make our recommendations with a clear rationale for our selection.

Briefing researchers

If you have commissioned Mackman Research to design a project for you, but have the in-house resources to conduct the research yourself, we provide you with a solid foundation to create a successful research brief. This will ensure that you get the data you need and the maximum possible benefit from your research project. Our briefs provide all the information that researchers require to conduct the project effectively, from contextual information through to objectives, methodology, target audience and timings. Our brief process involves communicating with your researchers to ensure that they fully understand the project's intentions, and here we can answer any questions relating to potential challenges. In addition to our briefing, we also offer training to first time researchers or those who wish to refresh their research skills.

Research Design Service | Mackman Research, Market Research Agency

Why Mackman Research?

Our clients value our plain speaking and can-do approach to research. We like to remain jargon free to help you to fully understand and feel as though you truly 'own' the aspect of research design we are working with you on. Our Mackman Research team will work in partnership with you and your selected colleagues to ensure that the project outcomes fit with your expectations and are user friendly.

We are flexible and responsive. This means that we never make assumptions about outcomes, and by keeping you in the loop we may shift our focus so that we follow all relevant threads.

Whether you need assistance to create one small, yet crucial, element of a research project, or require research design in full, our research design service will provide you a little extra resource and expertise. Call or email to find out how we can help you to deliver exceptional research.

How we work

As with all of our projects, we like to get to know our clients and their specific requirements. In practice this means that we will spend time with you so that we fully understand all of your project's aims and objectives. This 'kick off' stage is also crucial in gathering information about your organisation as we move forward to representing you 'in the field'.

Our enthusiasm for all things research starts with the joy of working through an initial research problem, and continues right the way through to helping you to deliver meaningful and insightful findings. Having got to know your organisation and the needs of your project, we carefully plan and design the crucial elements of your research project.

Having created your research plan, selected the most effective methodology, drafted a timeline, crafted your questionnaire, and picked the right researchers, we will walk you through our detailed and user friendly designs so that you fully understand and, importantly, own the project. As always, we are keen to share our research skills and where necessary, we are happy to train members of your in-house team so that you can be confident that your data will be of the best quality.

Our research design acknowledges your individual requirements, and this is reflected in the presentation of designs. Working with you, we will tailor our plans and briefs to meet with your needs and preferred style of working.

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