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Brand Sentiment Analysis

Measure the sentiment of consumers' comments online
Language is steeped in sentiment, and online comments of less than 50 characters can cause damage to your reputation unless monitored with care. Brand sentiment analysis traces comments and examines the sentiment in language and context to reveal an overall positive or negative attitude.

Brand sentiment analysis

Why is sentiment analysis an important research tool for businesses today?

As the digital world continues to expand, our ability to browse and make online purchases has never been easier. However, our online habits don't end with shopping as we share, comment and like (or dislike) our experiences with others via social media. When it comes to purchasing, social media is a powerful consumer tool where customers post reviews that can influence and shape others' opinions. Therefore it is crucial that brands listen to what is being said about them online.

Brand sentiment analysis (also known as Social Media Sentiment) helps you to understand how people feel about your brand, product or service and how they convey this sentiment in their social media activity. It not only analyses obvious mood or feeling but can dig deeper to reveal the context in which comments are made. This is where sentiment analysis really comes to life, by providing you with an understanding of how and why people react the way they do to your product or service.

Brand Sentiment Analysis | Mackman Research, Market Research Agency
Brand Sentiment Analysis Illustration | Mackman Research, Market Research Agency

Why use sentiment analysis?

When it comes to brand sentiment, it is easy to assume that all exposure is good exposure, right? Wrong. It is essential that the sentiment behind social media activity is positive, and if it isn't, you need to understand why so that you can select the perfect response. Here brand sentiment analysis helps to shape customer service and it either completes the customer journey or inspires another transaction. Also, if we think of every customer as a potential social media influencer, then all of the online shares, posts and comments that result in interaction (between you and the person behind the post) act as brand advertising.

Our Brand Sentiment Analysis

Brand sentiment analysis is the process by which we reveal the sentiment behind social media activity relating to your product or service. At Mackman Research we recognise that the modern marketing wheel is segmented by marketing channels, and that a significant proportion is occupied by social media. Our brand sentiment analysis follows a logical format so that we leave no social media 'stone' unturned and we aim to provide you with clear insight into how people feel about your products and services.

Our service often complements competitor research and customer satisfaction as it can track the sentiment assigned to others operating within your sector. We will consult with you to develop a clear programme of investigation and make sure that brand sentiment fits with your overall objectives.

Using our software we search for comments, shares, memes, likes and dislikes. This includes the application of emojis and other emotive icons. With text analysis techniques we examine the language, phrases and related images used when referencing your brand. Here we apply an extra layer of consideration by reviewing the context within which the comment (etc.) was made.

To build a comprehensive picture of social media and brand sentiment we pull all of our findings together to create a matrix where audience segmentation is aligned with social media sentiment. We assign positive and negative scores to each sentiment which give an overall sentiment score. This provides a unique and powerful set of results that can be applied to recommendations relating to future messaging, audience alignment, PR planning and campaigns.

Brand Sentiment Analysis | Mackman Research, Market Research Agency
Brand Sentiment Analysis Illustration | Mackman Research, Market Research Agency

What does sentiment analysis provide?

As with all of our research projects, we collaborate with you prior to presenting findings to make sure that we understand how you will use the results. This means that we can adjust the project's deliverables to fit in with your overall strategic plan. Once you have digested the sentiment analysis findings, we can assist in the presentation of these findings to your broader internal audiences.

We produce findings that are easy to digest as well as easy to build upon so that you can monitor your sentiment score at regular intervals. Much like a Net Promoter Score, the brand sentiment score reflects customer satisfaction as well as giving an indication of how successful your campaigns have been and how well your brand messages have been communicated. Our service can be general, analysing your entire brand sentiment, or specific, targeting one-off campaigns. 

We appreciate that language evolves, and meanings change. Hence, along with our findings, we make recommendations to assist your future communication, marketing strategies, and keywords. These include the recognition of trends and notes relating to the nuances of your audience's communication styles. Here we aim to enhance the application of your research findings so that they become valuable and usable pieces of insight, making sure that brand sentiment analysis deliveries more than a simple score.

Talk to us to find out more about brand sentiment analysis and how it can help focus marketing, refine customer service, and shape the future of your offering.

Why Mackman Research?

Our clients value our plain speaking and can-do approach to research, and when examining the seemingly complex digital world we like to remain jargon free to help you to fully understand and feel as though you truly 'own' the research process. Our Mackman Research team will work in partnership with you and your selected colleagues to ensure that the project outcomes fit with your expectations and are user friendly.

We are flexible and responsive. This means that we never make assumptions about outcomes, and by keeping you in the loop we may shift our focus so that we follow all relevant threads.

Contact Mackman Research today and let's get started on your brand sentiment analysis.

How we work

We begin every research project by spending time getting to know you and your business. After a period of consultation we begin to build an audience segmentation framework which we will later apply specific sentiment to.

We measure brand sentiment using similar methods to those used within language analysis. As well as using our keen eye, we employ software to search for instances where your brand is mentioned, or your own social media activity has received commentary, such as likes and dislikes. We then analyse the language used in each case, paying specific attention to figures of speech and phrases, sentence structure, and word choice.

Once this first wave is collated we then apply a second layer of analysis by assessing context and attachment. To do this we explore threads, connections or links, and general conversations. We then apply either positive or negative sentiment scores to each of those language and image or icon choices, and once we have either exhausted social media platforms or have uncovered a proportionally representative sample, we collate those positive and negative scores to produce an overall sentiment score.

We work in a methodical way, always placing the interests of our client's organisation at the centre of our research. We are mindful that brand sentiment analysis can take time, depending on your brand portfolio or established presence. As well as giving you regular project updates, we will notify you if we uncover a lot of noise (buzz) around your brand, be it positive or negative, so that you can respond and react. 

Gemma Mackman, Brand Sentiment Analysis | Mackman Research, Market Research Agency

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