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Competitor Research

Stay one step ahead of the competition
Competitor research is a great way to find out who is operating in your specific field. It covers the positioning, strengths and weaknesses of a business's major competitors both in the present and the future. At Mackman Research, our tailored approach can deliver valuable insight into your competitors' activities, helping you to adjust, refine and stay ahead of the competition.

Competitor Research Services

How much do you really know about your competitors?

Most companies will monitor their competitors' business activities: some more than others. We provide the opportunity to enhance the competitor information that you have at hand. Our competitor research can be used as part of SWOT analysis or wider market intelligence gathering.

Our competitor research services will help you source data which can be easily analysed and play a significant role in tactical planning. This can help you realise a competitive advantage over others in your field in the future. Mixed methodologies create a comprehensive view of business competitors. This 'fills the gaps' left by others, helps you realise a competitive advantage, and plays a significant role in tactical planning. This research can be offered as a one off project or as an on-going observation in order to monitor competitor activities.

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Brand Positioning

We help you to define brand positioning that aligns with your brand strategy.

In practice, this means that we create a sector and service specific brand hierarchy within which it is hoped your brand will sit. Your brand will occupy a place in a brand hierarchy according to a combination of factors. These factors include: familiarity, longevity, affordability, and quality. Other brands may be positioned above you for familiarity, but below for quality. This will either reflect the perception of your brand or align with your actual offering. For example, your services may be high quality, yet low in volume. 

Brand positioning essentially examines where you currently sit within the marketplace, and should be compared with your goals and strategies. Here you will be able to assess your success to date in areas like marketing and sales. Your brand position will clearly reveal how your organisation is perceived, and whether your messages have been heard or absorbed in the way that they were intended. 

One of the most interesting points that brand positioning can uncover is the consumer's inability to distinguish your brand from others. Sometimes people confuse similar brands based on names or imagery. Often it is hard to identify distinctions between brands. Despite potential confusion, competitive distinctions can be exposed, highlighting a clear route to targeted positioning.

As with all types of research, there are no ideal outcomes. However, our brand positioning research aims to arm you with essential information that can be easily applied to future marketing and financial strategies. Our findings are presented in visual reports where we illustrate focused correlations. We make it clearer for you to translate data into future marketing messages.

Read on to learn more about how our competitor analysis services can help you climb the brand ladder.

Competitor Activity

There are many benefits to assessing your competitors' activity. 

These range from enabling you to cater to an untapped market, to seeing how customers are responding to another brand. Competitor activity is often easy to see when faced with, perhaps, high street stores. However, businesses and third sector organisations are notoriously guarded about their practices and services. This makes it difficult to get a clear picture of competitor activity.

Competitor research aims to delve into the hidden worlds of your competitors, and can sometimes even reveal new competitors to add to your list of challengers. Not all competitor activity is on the surface. In an increasingly digital world, a lot of resources go into an online presence. Our competitor research combines the exploration of digital and technical brand activity with physical and emotive positioning. 

At Mackman Research, we can work with you to identify your main competitors and, depending on the level of information that you require, we will formulate a research plan that will extract valuable insight from otherwise concealed enterprises. Our process involves combining your existing knowledge with that of your target audience to develop a comprehensive list of actual versus perceived competitors. Here you will be able to make a comparison between where you aspire to be, where you are perceived to be, and where you actually are positioned within both niche and broader markets.

As with all of our work, we utilise our experts' years of experience in our competitor analysis services, along with our wider knowledge of marketing. This approach complements our research services to give our clients added value insight. Find out how we can give you the competitive edge by unlocking the complex or hidden worlds of your competitors.

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