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Have a market research project in mind but can't seem to find a research heading that your idea fits into? Or do you have a niche market research requirement that needs a different approach? Our market research consultants will tailor a bespoke market research approach by creating individual research frameworks, and using mixed methodologies, to deliver results that are unique.

Market research consultants

Your project, our expertise.

Our bespoke market research projects are inspired by our continual experience in the field, where we keep abreast of all things research. Our market research consultants have expertise in social research methodologies, business research and marketing research. This means that they relish the opportunity to create truly bespoke pieces of research on your behalf.

With a focus on ethical data collection and an unrivalled enthusiasm for reaching and connecting with participants, we love nothing more than a challenge. Our bespoke market research consultancy services range from design right the way through to final findings delivery.

As with all of our projects, we encourage a collaborative working relationship with our market research consultants. You may have a number of research questions that cover a broad spectrum, or alternatively you may need insight into a very specialist area. Whatever your research need, our market research consultants will help you to define your main objectives, filter your questions, and get the valuable data that you need in order to move forward, grow, or meet the needs of your customers.

Bespoke market research projects require a level of experience that our market research consultants have gathered over years in the field. Our expert consultancy team can advise you on the best methodologies to use and make further recommendations. These relate to on-going or spin off market research projects, should the need arise.

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Designing bespoke research Projects for your individual needs.

When it comes to creating bespoke market research, there is no one-size-fits-all research framework. That's why our bespoke projects are truly tailored with the aim to provide answers to your research questions or business objectives.

At Mackman Research, our bespoke research projects are designed by our market research consultants to suit the specific needs and objectives that you have identified. Our market research projects often encompass a range of different methodologies to ensure robust findings and recommendations. These can be mixed and combined to provide tailored solutions to your insight requirements. Whether you are looking for a long-term research project involving measurement over time, or smaller projects carried out over a particular timescale, our market research consultancy approach can help.

The versatility of our approach and methods means that from start to finish, we work closely with you. We are highly responsive to changes in your aims and within your market or sector. We plan our bespoke projects to suit any budget and timescale. Our consultative team offers a flexible and responsive service to meet the demands of your unique project. Similarly, we work with companies and organisations from an array of sectors that have differing levels of knowledge about where to begin their market research project. Our team can function as part of your own in-house team or alternatively as a completely outsourced market research consultancy. We can handle every aspect of the project for you, from design to the presentation of findings.

All deliverable elements of our bespoke market research can be entirely tailored to suit your individual needs. With our tried and tested methodical planning and client care in place we continue to present valuable insight to all of our clients.

Want to find out more? Contact us to talk through your research question with an experienced market research consultant.

Mixing methods As appropriate

At Mackman Research, we know what methods work well together to create comprehensive 360º views of the field in question. Substantial market research projects often start with a broad sweep employing quantitative methods. Similarly, qualitative methods offer the perfect data collection tools with which to observe social interactions and user experiences. Either starting point may then need to use further 'drill-down' methods to extract specific and detailed information. Within our bespoke market research design our consultants may also recommend several phases to your data collection. This enables us to test theories and hypotheses, and home in on emerging or significant themes. 

Reports & findings Presented As you would like

Your research requirements are likely to be unique. We therefore recognise that our detailed standard style of reporting may not be applicable to your project. With the ability to be bespoke from start to finish, our market research consultants will identify the best way to visualise and communicate your research results. This may vary according to both need and sector, but we are happy and able to fulfil your needs.

From academic studies to small scale in-depth projects for the private sector, our bespoke research services can provide you with the findings that you need to support your overall aims and objectives. 

Why Mackman Research?

As a boutique research consultancy, our team work closely with one another to deliver a highly insightful and valuable set of findings.

Our small team of market research consultants combine their years of experience in the field to create truly bespoke and meaningful research findings. This means that we are all considerate of your aims and objectives whilst being close to your respondents and external clients. This unique approach allows us to adjust should the need arise for flexibility. We place the emotional and physical needs of your clients at the heart of our market research methods.

Contact Mackman Research today and let our market research consultants get started on your bespoke market research project.

How Our market research consultants work

As with all of our projects, we like to get close to our clients so that we thoroughly appreciate their requirements. In practice, this means that we will spend time with you so that we fully understand all of your project's aims and objectives. This 'kick off' stage is also crucial in gathering information about your organisation or sector as we move forward to representing you 'in the field'.

The key to all of our projects is collaboration. At Mackman Research, we actively encourage our clients to work with us to establish communication channels throughout all stages of the project. This is particularly important when conducting research face-to-face, where we might observe behaviours that create challenges or have an effect on the overall research objectives. We work regular touch points into our project plans but will always get in touch if and when needed.

Our enthusiasm for all things market research starts with the joy of working through an initial research problem; it continues right the way through to delivering meaningful and insightful findings. Next, having got to know your organisation and the needs of your project, we carefully plan out your research.

Having agreed upon an outline plan, we will walk you through our recommended methodology for data collection. Here we are always keen to share our research skills and, where appropriate, we are happy to train members of your in-house team to work alongside us.

Your bespoke market research will have very specific requirements and this is reflected in the presentation of research findings. Working with you, we will tailor our reports to meet with your presentation needs right through to delivery.

Market Research Consultants | Mackman Research, Market Research Agency

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