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Sentiment Analysis

Identify customer sentiment in online comments
How do people feel about your brand and communicate that sentiment? Trying to keep a finger on the pulse of customer sentiment is not a straightforward task, and it can be resource intensive. Our sentiment analysis service helps you to better understand customers' feelings about your business.

sentiment analysis

Are positive words always perceived to be positive reviews?

Examine what customers are saying about your brand, and detect sentiment around their use of language. Detect positive and negative sentiment in social media, customer reviews and other sources to get a pulse on your brand. Sentiment analysis uses Natural Language Processing (NLP) to sort and categorise unstructured data from the Internet. This area of artificial intelligence assists computers with understanding human language, and allows valuable insights to be drawn from data in a matter of minutes. This is a concept found in email inboxes, where incoming messages are automatically sorted according to whether the AI believes the content is spam, and more sophisticated email clients can distinguish between Social, Primary or Promotions.

The core benefits of sentiment analysis are the facility for large-scale analysis, and giving structure to otherwise unordered data. It would take a human being hours to sift through thousands of social media comments and categorise them by the intent behind them. Sentiment analysis enables this process to take place automatically, meaning that resources can be allocated to the interpretation of the results rather than their time-consuming collection. The process also allows unbiased, objective sorting of data and even suggests the most effective response. 

Sentiment analysis also considers the all important context in which a comment or share was posted. This teaches further meaning to the sentiment and can be highly emotive to those who are following a thread or engaged in group chat. With this 'doubling up' of applied meaning, we can truly assess the sentiment behind social media 'buzz' to help shape future PR, product launches, services and brand identities.

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Sentiment Analysis Companies | Mackman Research, Market Research Agency

Our sentiment analysis service

We track sentiment analysis over time. This provides vital information about the success of marketing campaigns, PR and external factors. Our sentiment analysis service gauges sentiment when dealing with reviews, perceptions of new products, and other key areas that customers may respond to online.

If feedback is left unmonitored and not responded to in good time, this could foster the impression of an uncaring brand at best, and become a PR disaster at worst. Sentiment analysis, particularly when conducted as part of a wider pulse-taking insight project, can empower businesses to understand their customers better and deliver products and services that meet their needs and exceed expectation.

In situations where you are dealing with major problems, you can quickly determine key pain points in order to help you to develop a sensible plan to solve them. We apply machine learning to any feedback generated by customers, classifying it using an objective system of tags and labels. The model increases in accuracy with every text it processes, meaning that accurate data can be generated on hundreds of items almost instantaneously. Using sentiment analysis software, we process customer feedback and automatically tag it with positive, negative or neutral sentiment.

The insight generated from sentiment analysis can help to inform business decisions around products and services. We examine opinions, problems and requests from your customers to pinpoint common areas for improvement using online feedback from a number of channels, including reviews, support tickets, survey results, verbatim data, and social media messages.

Why Mackman Research?

At Mackman Research, we understand the importance of making data understandable and easy to follow. Our research team is made up of highly qualified and experienced marketing research specialists who are able to meet the needs of both small and large organisations. Our strength lies in low volume, high quality projects with hundreds of contacts rather than thousands. We are a full service agency, meaning that we have the capabilities to deliver your project from start to finish. For those clients new to research we can lead you through the process, ensuring that you maintain control with the assurance that your project is in safe hands.

Contact Mackman Research today and let's get started on your sentiment analysis.

How we work

Our tailored research is designed and managed by specialists who have experience of your industry. Our sentiment analysis involves a methodical process and calls upon our technical expertise to build a layered matrix of sentiment around specific issues, campaigns and your brand identity.

Working with a project manager you will be involved in project planning to ensure that you get the most out of your sentiment analysis project. We like to work in close collaboration with all of our clients and if at any stage we spot an issue that requires immediate action, we will notify you.

Our entire research team are highly qualified so that you can be assured that our expertise will deliver not only the meticulous analysis of sentiment, but also give you clear guidance on how to formulate a sentiment action plan. Along with data driven results we will empower you with valuable insight, helping you to build a easy guide to damage limitation and best practice PR.

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