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Secondary Research

Underpinning primary market research with established theory, trends, and scientific study
As research specialists we know that research projects can be born out of pre-existing hypotheses. Similarly, sometimes primary research needs to be supported to give it a little more clout. At Mackman Research, our highly qualified team can navigate their way through secondary data with ease, helping you to make thoroughly informed decisions.

Secondary Research

What is secondary research, and why include it in your research project?

Secondary market research can be used to gain background knowledge of a particular area using information that has been compiled and published by others. This could include reports and studies.

Secondary market research can be obtained in a shorter space of time than primary research, and the wealth of resources on the internet offer access to high quality research and data. Secondary market research can complement primary research and can be used when primary research is concerned with an existing assumption. Here researchers will review reports and studies that discuss the findings presented in previous literature. This is a great way to add additional support to the research, or to prove or disprove an existing theory.  

Secondary research is typically used within academic studies but is being increasingly employed in brand development when trend analysis is required. In addition literature reviews add substantive weight to research or eating to user experience particularly in the health and care sectors.

Our secondary research is bespoke and designed to support your research objectives. Our secondary research is performed by researchers who are qualified to Masters level and above, and you can be assured that our searches are considered and thorough.


Desk research

Desk research is a 'catch-all' term used to describe any exploration using secondary information.

Typically desk research can provide background information on competitorsusabilitysentiment, market forecasts, or even key words for use in search engine optimisation. In such instances it is a valuable method of investigation that is only limited by time and budgetary constraints.

Our desk research is carried out thoroughly by research professionals with an academic background. We take a meticulous approach to desk research to ensure that our information is gathered from official sources and referenced correctly. This ensures that you can follow up any findings if necessary. We present our desk research in a comprehensive report that outlines the aim of the research and the information discovered using the most appropriate and clear form of presentation. For example, competitor research will be accompanied by visuals of their websites and online presence, while keyword research is presented in spreadsheet form.

Our desk research services can accommodate a broad spectrum of subject matters and searches, and offers bespoke approaches that aim to gather the very best quality of data. Our process is similar to other methods in that we gather, analyse and report according to your needs. Contact us today to discuss your desk research needs.

trend analysis

Keep track of the current and predicted trends that could impact on your business.

Trend analysis involves examining specific drivers of change to see how they will develop in the future. Our trend analysis reports identify key elements within your industry that are currently relevant, and based on in-depth research, identify potential future areas that will become more prominent in the coming years. For example, the pet food industry is seeing a rise in biologically appropriate raw feeding and responsibly sourced foodstuffs in environmentally friendly packaging. These trends reflect growing concerns regarding the welfare of the planet and an increase in 'pet parents' treating their domestic companions as part of the family. By identifying such trends and having them presented in a clear report, this can help businesses and organisations to focus their marketing efforts around current consumer behaviour.

Trend analysis are conducted as secondary research by reviewing existing literature and reports. Depending upon your industry, sector and nature of inquiry, they may include social media sentiment analysis in order to provide a comprehensive view of consumer concerns. Trend analysis is commonly instructed by marketing managers who are planning campaigns where they provide evidence to support decisions relating to targeting and advertising spend. Our specialists will be happy to discuss the scope of your trend analysis project and help you to get the most out of your research.

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Literature reviews

Literature reviews have a broad remit and are ideal for those research projects wishing to substantiate their claims.

Commonly used in academic studies, literature reviews establish a theoretical perspective. They can identify the thematic priorities that should be further explored or focused upon. For businesses and organisations, literature reviews ensure that you are up to date with the current thinking on a particular area. They gather, collate and make sense of existing information, ordering it according to topic or proposition.

Our work frequently crosses over into academics, and we have identified that iterative reviews can be beneficial when included in segmentation research, for example. Our literature reviews are written to give a broad overview of what has been written recently, who the key authors are on a subject, the questions that are being asked, and what criticism those works have received. Market research literature reviews comprise information from a number of sources, including printed literature, industry profiles, news articles, and journal articles. We identify similarities and contradictions in the literature to ensure that you have the information you need in an easily accessible format for review.

Literature reviews are unique pieces of research and our experienced senior researchers are able to craft a literature review on your behalf to support your overall research objectives. Contact us to find out more.

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