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Our story so far

Established in 2003, Mackman Research began by working with financial professional services and academic institutions. Our early projects were dominated by B2B research, customer satisfaction and ethnographic research and called upon our existing knowledge of those sectors as well as our intuitive ability to merge into organisational teams and represent our clients throughout each step of the research process. By 2005 we were conducting research for national firms and disseminating our findings at AGMs to larger staff audiences in order to facilitate internal cultural change. 

We quickly established a reputation and won competitive tenders, including the annual Twinings Internal Customer Satisfaction Survey, where our understanding of broader business aims and objectives combined with our ability to work with in-house marketing managers meant that premium brands recognised that we were the ideal collaborative research partner. 

Working alongside our sister company, marketing agency Mackman, our research services complemented branding projects where wider insight was required to inform the development of products and services. Here our research services underpin decision making and have enabled marketeers to 'top and tail' their service offering. This is a practice that we have developed and continue to this day where we frequently work with marketing managers to create reliable pre-project findings that inform strategies, and conduct post-project measurements of brand awareness, perception and satisfaction. Over the years we have worked with leading and ambitious brands and we are proud of our portfolio, including pro bono research where we have assisted 3rd sector organisations to meet the needs of their end users.

The Mackman Research story continues with a commitment to maintaining our ethical ethos and, despite demand, we have refused to become a large scale call centre, favouring quality over quantity and the ability to stay close to our clients and respondents. Our team of specialist researchers have a hands on approach which means that each project benefits from our attention to detail.

Today our focus remains firmly fixed on delivering quality, meaningful and user friendly results. We have developed and refined our services and will continue to evolve, in keeping with the ever changing digital world. Yet we respectfully recognise the importance of human interaction and the valuable insight that conversation can reveal. To that end, recent projects have required the bespoke creation of methodological frameworks in order to predict trends, test marketing propositions, and measure brand sentiment. 

Our Experts

Our research team is directed by Dr. Gemma Mackman who has a broad business background which includes working within the social and academic sectors. Gemma's vast research experience 'in the field' has influenced our approach and ability to create bespoke methodologies that can access even the hardest to reach groups. As a progressive academic, Gemma encourages our team to represent our clients by first understanding their culture, ensuring that we act as ambassadors for your brand. This primary concern allows us to always place the needs of our research participants at the forefront of our methods and remain consciously ethical throughout the research process.

Research Teams

Project managers are highly qualified and experienced within the field of market and social research. They hold postgraduate degrees at Masters level and above. Your manager will liaise with you throughout the project and will deliver the findings. In specific instances a project manager may conduct all research practices. When undertaking a research project, each individual team member is carefully selected according to specific experience and subject knowledge, matching the right researcher with the right project. Our selection process creates a unique research team that has insight into specific industries, organisations and sectors.

Our Researchers

As a boutique research agency we do not operate a large scale call centre; instead our small team is comprised of experienced experts with specific research specialisms. All of our researchers will have completed specific research methodology training (MRS & ESRC approved) and have experience within the multi-faceted field of both business and social research. As skilled ethnographers our researchers hold enhanced CRB certification and continually strive to embrace innovative research design and new methodological approaches.

Mackman Research Approach

Our research services have been developed over a number of years and continue to evolve with the ever changing landscape. Our approach varies according to the needs of our clients where we are happy to either collaborate or work independently with the organisations that we represent. All projects are designed by our experienced senior team and managed by a project manager. Careful consideration is given to chosen research methods and we will often use a blended or be-spoke approach in order to extract meaningful data. Our statistical knowledge ensures that results are reliable, robust and relevant to the needs of the commissioning client. All of our market research projects follow the strict ethical guidelines set out by the Market Research Society (MRS) and in all instances we endeavour to maintain respondent anonymity when and where requested. 

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Why us?

Mackman Research is a boutique research agency based in East Anglia on the Essex/Suffolk boarder. Not only does our location allow us easy access to the capital, as well as cities such as Norwich, Cambridge, and Chelmsford, it also provides us and our clients with excellent links to a UK-wide pool of respondents via our close connection with prominent academic institutions. Our clients value our professional, enthusiastic, plain speaking application of knowledge and experience. We offer a responsive service that ensures continuity and a guiding hand to ambitious organisations.

Our track record in delivering robust and reliable data combined with our knowledge of a wide variety of sectors means that we can help you to extract the right information at the right time. We work to understand the needs of your business and our methodical process is designed to help you get the most out of market research. We do this by collaborating with our commissioning clients to create in-depth and usable findings. Recognising the value of our clients' knowledge and experience in their own fields, we specialise in a collaborative approach that bridges resource or knowledge gaps. Working in this way we encourage clients to actively participate in the development of their own research, marketing & design activities.

As members of the Market Research Society (MRS) and the Social Research Association (SRA) we adhere to strict codes of conduct, and with the added ability to produce quality ethnographic research we can deliver detailed data that reveals the motivations, preferences and experiences of clients and end users. Ultimately this means that we want all respondents to feel comfortable with the research experience, a point that is often overlooked. We base this attention to detail on the assumption that we are representing your organisation and that survey and research is included as an interaction with your brand.

At Mackman Research we deliver more than just statistics or figures. Our projects provide strategic support, thorough and accurate research, and focused tactical management to our clients. Central to our offering is the need to enable organisations to make informed decisions once they know more about their markets and customers or clients. This insight shapes policies and creates measurable strategies for refinement and growth.

The Mackman Research Team

Here are just some of the team you may encounter when working with Mackman Research...

Dr Gemma Mackman

Co-Founder & Managing Director

Paul Mackman

Co-Founder & Managing Director

Amanda Ansell

Insight Manager

James Royce

Technical and Operations Director

Eleanor Joyce

Insight & Communications Intern

Kerrie Scott

Senior Creative

Chay Kelly

Technical Support

What Our Clients Say

  • “Not only has the exercise helped us better understand the needs of older people in the county, but it also raised some important questions, which will help our organisation drive forward new ideas in the future.”
    Jonathan Skermer – Marketing/Development Manager, Age UK Suffolk
  • “Their collaborative and plain speaking approach makes working with them a pleasure. High standards are maintained at every part of the research process from questionnaire design, through to data collection, analysis, and the concise presentation of results. In particular we appreciate their no-nonsense approach to reporting results in a concise and graphical manner that is easily understood.”
    Stephen Duffety – Senior Partner, Baker Tilly Tax and Accountancy
  • “Mackman has worked professionally at all times, enabling clear presentation of the results to identify key trends and areas for growth and improvement of the Customer Services team now and in the future.”
    Sharlene Moffitt – International Customer Services Manager, Twinings

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