Social Research

Our research roots lie in social research

Our research team is headed up by Gemma Mackman, an experienced and well qualified social researcher.

Gemma established the company in 2003 following a career in the social sector and having completed Sociology Post Graduate and Masters Degrees at Essex University. Gemma is a member of the Market Research Society and the Social Research Association and is a  specialist in ethnographic research methods reaching sensitive groups.

We have strong social research capabilities and are always extremely keen to undertake this type of work.

Social research demands justifiable research methodologies and research practices. Social research may range from conducting qualitative and in-depth interviews, to large-scale (quantitative) information gathering and statistical analysis such as local and national crime rates.

Mackman Research has a team of highly qualified and experienced social research specialists who are able to meet the needs of both small and large organisations.

If you have a requirement for social research, please contact us for an informal discussion, quotation or formal tender.

Social Research Links

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Participant Observation

Qualitative Research

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