Satisfaction Surveys

Mackman Research has experience in business to business (b2b) satisfaction surveys.

We specialise in customer satisfaction questionnaire design and recognise the importance and value of customer satisfaction to any organisation. Mackman Research can gather, analyse and report satisfaction survey data on your behalf using face to face, telephone, online, or postal methodologies.

An effective customer satisfaction survey will consider imperative factors before any survey questions are written down.

Some of the things you will need to consider before you start a satisfaction survey:

  • Who will be included?
  • What are the key objectives of the satisfaction survey?
  • How much time is available?
  • What is the budget and what resources are available?
  • What are the main topics – Will these require complex questioning?
  • What is the required sample size?

We will present your findings in a comprehensible and concise reporting style. We work in partnership with our clients to report the findings data in a logical way that makes sense to you. Particular attention is paid to verbatim commentary to explore strong trends.

There are several benefits of outsourcing the undertaking of a satisfaction survey to a specialist third party. Notably, it eliminates bias, response rates increase and respondents are thought to give more honest responses. On the whole, this will make your satisfaction survey more statistically sound and give better results.

All Mackman Research  satisfaction surveys are conducted following strict ethical guidelines as laid down by the Market Research Society (MRS).

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