Tailored Research Services

Mackman Research treats every project individually. We do not use a templated one product fits all approach. Our tailored research services ensure that results are statistically sound and relevant to the needs of the client that has commissioned them. Careful consideration is given to the research method employed and we will often use a blended approach. Methods that we employ include:

  • Face-to-face interviews
  • Focus groups
  • Mystery Shopping
  • Online surveys
  • Postal surveys
  • Telephone interviews

Tailored research services are a scientific approach to conducting sample surveys that focuses on reducing the four sources of survey error:

  • Coverage
  • Sampling
  • Nonresponse
  • Measurement

Our tailored research services approach has led us to develop a set of solid survey processes that underpin all our research projects. Central to this approach is the requirement that a research specialist determines the correct research method or research methods for any particular project. Our innovative research design and research methodologies inform decision-making.

Specialising in tailored research services has led us to develop survey procedures that build positive social exchange and encourage response by taking into consideration elements such as:

  • Who has commissioned the project
  • The nature of the survey population and variations within it
  • The content of the survey questions
  • Timescales
  • Budget
  • Quality of available data