Customer Satisfaction Survey Questionnaire

Questionnaire Design

It is crucial that the customer satisfaction survey questionnaire is designed in a way that is sympathetic to analysis. Question running order should flow and be divided into subject matter to avoid participant confusion and questionnaire fatigue.

Questionnaire Length

In addition the customer satisfaction survey questionnaire should not be too long, and should avoid the use of too many open-ended questions that may take additional time to answer and to analyse. We recommend no more than two open ended questions that allow for free commentary. Further open-ended questions can be used that only require single phrase answers.

Beware Use Of Leading Questions

The use of leading questions and language is not ethical, it will load responses and appear suspicious to satisfaction survey subjects. A leading customer satisfaction survey question removes truthful reporting and effectively makes the customer satisfaction survey research null and void.

Use A Specialist Questionnaire Designer

Gemma Mackman our Research Director is a highly experienced customer satisfaction survey questionnaire designer who will create a survey that meets with your objectives whilst taking in to consideration all aspects of questionnaire design. We will advise you on question wording, content, length and placement in order to get the maximum amount of information out of your customer satisfaction survey.

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