Customer Satisfaction Survey

Mackman Research has a proven track record of delivering customer satisfaction survey projects to market leading organisations.  Our customer satisfaction team specialise in business to business customer satisfaction survey interviews to senior executives.  We deliver customer satisfaction surveys of the highest level ensuring that your customers are treated in a manner befitting their status.

We have conducted customer satisfaction surveys using face to face, telephone, online (web), and postal methodologies.  We always pay particular attention to verbatim responses provided during customer satisfaction survey interviews.

Our customer satisfaction survey services are "low volume and extremely high quality".

We have the expertise to design a customer satisfaction survey to suit your requirements. We can help you make the important first steps, considering the key aims and topics of the study, what budget and resources you have available, how much time you have and what sample size is required. We work collaboratively with our clients and will analyse and report your customer satisfaction survey data findings in a clear and concise way, exploring strong trends to help you maximise the benefit of a customer satisfaction survey.

We pay particular attention to verbatim commentary whilst conducting customer satisfaction survey interviews to allow respondent expression of answers in their own words and to obtain unanticipated information.

Why You Should Outsource A Customer Satisfaction Survey

  1. It eliminates bias or the potential to be accused of bias
  2. Response rates increase making the survey more statistically sound
  3. Respondents are more inclined to give frank responses

Telephone Interviews

Telephone interviews were once considered an inferior substitute to face to face surveys.  Today telephone interviews are a widely used method of gathering survey data including the monitoring of customer satisfaction survey levels. Mackman Research specialises in low volume, high quality telephone interviews to senior executives and use them effectively for customer satisfaction survey studies.  We do not operate a call centre operation but instead have a small number of  very skilled phone researchers.  We encourage you to have direct contact with the phone interviewers working on your project.

Mackman Research Approach

We treat every project individually and not a templated one product fits all approach. Our tailored research services ensure that results are statistically sound and relevant to the needs of the customer that has commissioned them. Careful consideration is given to the research methods employed and we will often use a blended approach.  All market research projects are managed by a Senior Market Researcher or Company Director and are conducted following strict ethical guidelines as laid down by the Market Research Society (MRS).

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