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Employee Engagement Surveys

How satisfied are your employees?
Our employee engagement surveys provide data-driven insights to improve the experience, performance and retention of employees across the public, private and not for profit sectors. Working with business owners, department heads and human resource departments, our employee surveys benefit from our third party research status, allowing your employees to reveal their true opinions.

Employee engagement surveys

What would make and keep your employees happy?

Employees don't always reveal the true strength of their feeling to their employers, often afraid of reprisal or disciplinary action. To avoid either embarrassment or false reporting of opinion, it is wise to engage a third party research specialist. We have the expertise to conduct a confidential employee satisfaction survey on your behalf.

In many organisations, the traditional workplace hierarchy may dictate a system of instruction to employees, and this may lead to workers feeling undervalued. Similarly, employees may misunderstand their roles or responsibilities or feel aggrieved at others' actions. This could have a negative impact on the working environment and productivity. At Mackman Research, we believe that your company's most valuable asset is its employees, and we can help you create an employee engagement survey which fully reveals how your staff think and feel. Our employee engagement surveys will help you investigate fundamentals such as training and development opportunities, commitment, enthusiasm, perceived standards, and overall satisfaction.

We construct an employee engagement survey that is trouble-free for employees to open up and share what they know and how they feel about the organisation where they work. Our online employee engagement surveys offer a quick online link through to the survey. Here staff members can respond to the survey conveniently and anonymously (if chosen). Confidentiality with anonymity is often used to encourage full and frank perceptions when conducting an employee engagement survey.

We work collaboratively with our clients to help you gauge job satisfaction, internal perceptions and performance levels. We analyse and report your employee engagement survey data findings in a clear and concise way, recognising strong trends to help you get the most out of this useful information.

Employee Engagement Survey | Mackman Research, Market Research Agency
Employee Engagement Survey Illustration | Mackman Research, Market Research Agency

Measuring employee engagement can solve the riddle of underperformance.

Acknowledging employees as an invaluable asset and source of inspiration, rather than mere workers, builds a rewarding company culture that ultimately improves the overall performance of the entire organisation. In a similar way to a garden, when the wellbeing and health of every plant is tended to, your product and yield will greatly improve.

There is a wide range of rich qualitative research that contributes towards our knowledge of modern working life and job quality, but improving this within an individual workplace or company-wide requires a comprehensive and cohesive audit of employee satisfaction. For example, recent research has shown that fewer than six in ten employees feel a strong sense of commitment to their organisation. Employee engagement surveys are an effective step in becoming a more proactive, considerate, and cost-effective employer.

It is abundantly clear that unengaged and unfulfilled employees impact the productivity of a company, its ability to innovate, and on a fundamental level, the bottom line. We work on a bespoke basis, not a 'one size fits all' approach. We utilise the channels of communication that are most suitable for your employees to promote high response rates, and employ a wide range of research methodologies tailored to your requirements.

We take the time to establish your precise research objectives, whether as part of a regular pulse-taking exercise or a one-off survey focusing on individual departments or initiatives. When conducted effectively, employee engagement surveys can enhance workplace culture and create an effective, engaged and motivated workforce. In a customer-facing business, this could in turn improve customer satisfaction. Our team provides our support and expertise throughout the entire project, and we take pride in our personal, no-nonsense service.

What do employee engagement surveys measure?

Factors that can be measured with employee engagement surveys range from what employees expect from your company, and how important these expectations are to their experience, to how changes could be put in place to enhance employees' experience and satisfaction with your company. Furthermore, they help to identify what requirements employees identify as important to them personally, which training opportunities would be beneficial, how they view HR, and whether staff feel engaged, and how they view you as an employer.

When building our employee engagement surveys, depending on your requirements, questions can be targeted at specific areas of the employee experience. For example, participants could be asked to comment on the working environment, perception of the quality of management, salary, training requirements, factors affecting their performance, progression opportunities or their individual work/life balance, and overall employee satisfaction levels.

Employees are the people who are closest to operational issues and customer concerns; by creating an open dialogue with them through measurable surveys and feedback, you can obtain actionable information about how to maximise the performance of your business. For instance, a CIPD survey found that one in three workers (32%) felt like they had too much work, and up to one in four workers reported intense and stressful working conditions, such as feeling exhausted, miserable or stressed.

Our employee engagement surveys aim to tease out these hidden feelings that may be creating barriers to your success. Our findings are always presented in a clear and visual style so that you can easily understand how different departments and teams think and feel. Here, and where appropriate, we provide segmented results and make recommendations for future training and development.

Employee Engagement Survey | Mackman Research, Market Research Agency
Employee Engagement Survey Illustration | Mackman Research, Market Research Agency

Survey PR

Survey PR is an often forgotten yet important part of employee satisfaction and organisational research. With that in mind our findings offer more than mere statistics as our approach is centred around making the most of your research. Our project plans include an internal PR plan and communication templates for every important stage of the research process. This includes your all important a post research plans for refinement.

Contact us today to find out how we can help you create harmony and improve productivity. 

How we work

Our team is made up of highly experienced employee engagement survey questionnaire designers who will help you create a survey that meets with your organisation's objectives while taking into consideration all aspects of questionnaire design. We will advise you on question wording, content, length and placement in order to get the maximum amount of information out of your employee engagement survey.

We will create an employee engagement questionnaire on your behalf that is designed in a way that is sympathetic to analysis and flows without question predictability. Our online employee satisfaction surveys will be accessible through a convenient web link and we suggest that this is open for two to three weeks to achieve maximum response rates.

When creating an employee engagement survey we recommend no more than two open ended questions that allow for free commentary. Further open-ended questions can be used that only require single phrase answers. This will assist analysis and add clarification and meaning when considering a large employee sample.

A typical employee engagement survey project with Mackman Research contains the following steps:

  1. Agree scope, employee engagement research timings, and required employee satisfaction survey analysis
  2. Design employee engagement survey questionnaire
  3. Survey questionnaire proof to client
  4. Finalise survey questionnaire (question order, content and length)
  5. Agree upon survey reporting style and content
  6. Client informs employees of employee engagement survey – Mackman Research provides template
  7. Survey set-up and testing
  8. Mackman Research launch online survey and capture data
  9. Conduct 10% validity checks
  10. Analysis of data, prepare final report
  11. Deliver employee engagement survey findings / forward reports
Gemma Mackman, Employee Engagement Survey | Mackman Research, Market Research Agency

Why Mackman Research?

We have worked in partnership with hundreds of clients to deliver survey programmes of all sizes, from a multinational energy company to a local stove supplier. When conducting all of our marketing insight surveys, our methods strictly conform to the Data Protection Act 1998. Our researchers are overt in their introductions and purposes, and subject anonymity is maintained throughout the process of data collection and research loyalties are consistent.

We believe that the best research projects are delivered in collaboration with our clients. That is why we work closely with you to ensure that we are meeting your needs whilst extracting the very highest quality insight from your team. As a boutique research agency, our team work closely with one another to deliver a highly insightful and valuable set of findings.

Our small team of research experts combine their years of experience in the field to create truly bespoke and meaningful research. This means that we are all considerate of your aims and objectives whilst being close to your respondents and external clients. This unique approach allows us to adjust should the need arise for flexibility, placing the emotional and physical needs of your clients at the heart of our methods.

Contact Mackman Research today and let's get started on your employee engagement survey.

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