Nuffield Hospital

Project Background

Nuffield Health is the largest healthcare charity in the UK. With 31 hospitals it offers its clients a comprehensive range of care. Mackman Research was approached by the Nuffield Hospital (Ipswich branch) to conduct a perception and awareness survey of their behalf. The purpose of the research was to identify pockets of awareness across the region of Suffolk. Further aims included: perceptions relating to brand and service provision; competitor awareness; and brand positioning. 

Our Research Methods

The research sought to gain a true reflection of perception and awareness of the Nuffield brand and service offering across the region. In order to fully understand the stretch of the Nuffield message we needed to gather data from a variety of regional locations. We designed a concise questionnaire and gathered data using a street poll style interview technique across market town 6 locations in Suffolk. The street interviews lasted just 5 minutes and included matrix selection questions and closed questions. This made for a speedy completion process.

The Research Results & Findings

In total we gathered 50 responses from each of our 6 locations, totalling 300 completed surveys. The results identified some clear brand messaging in need of improvement. In particular, it was evident that the brand was less understood amidst one specific location. Further demographic results implied that certain age categories were less aware of the Nuffield Hospital than others. Our client understood that this town and age group were within its target profile and, using the survey results were able to adjust and refine their marketing strategy and campaign accordingly.

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