Online Surveys

All your online survey requirements from an online survey specialist based in Suffolk.

Mackman Research uses online surveys as an effective data collection and surveying method. We are able to achieve high response rates using online surveys when compared with other survey methodologies. Online surveys also allow results to be monitored in real time and we can give our clients secure access to the online results as they come in too.

Many types of research project are suited to online surveys.  Mackman Research has found online customer satisfaction surveys, online employee satisfaction surveys and online perception surveys to be particularly effective. Of course the characteristics of each project need to be fully evaluated before deciding if online methodologies are suitable. We will advise an appropriate methodology in the early stages of a project.

We offer a collaborative approach to online surveys guiding you through the process to ensure that your online survey objectives are fully met. Mackman Research strictly adheres to the Market Research Societies (MRS) code of conduct and ensures that your online survey data is secure by keeping it in a fully encrypted environment.

If you are considering an online survey and are unsure as to the appropriateness of an online methodology then call us we are happy to discuss your options.