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Organisational Research

Keep track of your company's culture with staff and stakeholder surveys
At Mackman Research, our internal insight services provide rich organisational data to enable businesses to clearly understand their own goals.

Organisational Research

Monitor and improve your internal organisation.

By considering the health of the business from the inside, effective decision making and crucial judgements can be made with the necessary data to back them up.

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Employee Satisfaction

Measure the engagement of your employees with our bespoke employee satisfaction surveys.

Sometimes it is difficult to gauge employee satisfaction or identify the route cause of a glitch in the smooth running of your business or team, and despite having a close knit employee community, employees are often reticent to truly divulge their opinions directly to senior staff members. Working with a third party independent research agency can help to bridge that awkward gap between employee and employer and, in doing so, can reveal some valuable truths.

Employees are customer facing brand ambassadors, and in order to maintain the thread of excellent customer service levels across all areas of business it is important to monitor their experiences. Getting to the heart of how staff are feeling about the company they work for can shed light on productivity levels or poor communication between departments. Whether you are looking for a one-off pulse taking exercise or regular annual or semi-annual surveys, we can help. We help you as part of our business insight services to decide which stakeholders need to provide input, and set a clear timetable for delivery.

We ensure that every survey question will tell you something useful and actionable for future improvement: these could include employees' enthusiasm for their work, advocacy for your company, opinion of their workplace, and overall job satisfaction. By inviting employees' opinions on topics such as pay and benefits, contracts, the nature of work, and work/life balance, employees will feel that their views are being taking into consideration, improving their relationship with your business and encouraging them to be effective brand ambassadors.

Culture health checks

Aligning your team's cultures and beliefs

Sometimes poor productivity, low employee morale, or lack of employee buy-in and loyalty can be as a result of an interruption in your organisation's culture. We offer a range of research services that when combined perform a culture health check that will identify the root cause of any issue or disturbance to the smooth running of your organisation or team.

We carry out a cultural audit within your business to diagnose any operational issues and assist you in the development of strategies to significantly improve the health and ambience within the workplace. A workplace culture health check enables you to hear about and identify issues that may be affecting internal employee relations and those all important interactions between employee and external customer.

Using a tailored combination of workshops and surveys, we can identify whether employees understand and uphold your guiding principles and desired behaviours, and even assess their impression of their working environment. Depending on the size of the business, this may involve all employees, a particular department, or a representative sample. Participation can be compulsory or optional depending on the requirements of the individual organisation.

Aligning a team's cultures and beliefs is fundamental to the underlying success of an organisation, and can increase staff morale, productivity, and unity, which will in turn impact on how your business or brand is represented. We prepare a report following our investigative insight, containing an organisation-wide assessment of specific areas for improvement, such as decision-making, direction, and accountability.

Read more to find out how our business insight services help you and your internal community sing from the same page.

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