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We Are Officially B Corp Certified

We are thrilled to announce that Mackman Research is now B Corp Certified, solidifying our commitment to sustainability, social responsibility, and ethical business practices. This certification reflects our ongoing dedication to making a positive impact on our community and the world at large.

Mackman Research is B Corp Certified
Founders & Directors Dr Gemma Mackman and Paul Mackman with the B Corp plaque.

B Corp Certification is awarded to companies that meet the highest standards of social and environmental performance, transparency, and accountability. It is a rigorous process that evaluates every aspect of our business, from our employee benefits and corporate governance to our environmental footprint and community engagement initiatives.

"When we started out 20 years ago, our objective was to establish a business that was clearly underpinned by considered ethical practices. Now, 20 years later we are proud to achieve B Corp status in recognition of our consistent commitment to people, communities, and our planet. Business can be a force for good and we hope that the B Corp message will reach many other businesses who share similar values." 

Gemma Mackman, Research Director, Mackman Research

Achieving B Corp Certification is a significant milestone for Mackman Research. It validates our efforts to integrate social and environmental considerations into our decision-making processes and demonstrates our commitment to using business as a force for good. As a B Corp Certified company, we join a global community of like-minded businesses that are using their influence to create positive change.

We have worked hard to assess our impact and implement meaningful changes to improve our practices. From reducing our carbon footprint to promoting diversity and inclusion within our organisation, we have embraced the B Corp ethos wholeheartedly. Achieving B Corp Certification is just the beginning of our journey and we will continue to challenge ourselves to do better, to innovate, and to lead by example in our industry.

Visit our dedicated B Corp page on The Mackman Group website to view our impact report and to learn more about our certification journey.

Dr Gemma Mackman

Dr Gemma Mackman

Research Director

Dr Gemma Mackman is co-founder and Research Director of the Mackman Group. Her professional career has given her a broad knowledge of business practices, an appreciation of good customer service and experience of a diverse range of sectors. Gemma is also a member of the Market Research Society and has completed research training provided by the Economic and Social Research Council.

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