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Mackman researchers praised for a professional job

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Back in June last year, Mackman Research conducted business research for the financial advisory boutique, Leoni Sceti Group, London. During a difficult financial year Mackman researchers recognised from the start that the task of completing over 150 telephone interviews with small and medium sized enterprise directors in England was going to be a tough one. The designed business research report and analysis was completed last year and was recently commended by the Managing Director, Patrick Leoni Sceti in a written testimonial. He says:

"Having been given the delicate talk to enquire about sensitive business information across a wide number of companies, the Mackman Group did a truly professional and remarkable job of it. I would recommend them with no hesitation."

For more information about our work with Leoni Sceti Group, click on our case study here.

Dr Gemma Mackman

Dr Gemma Mackman

Research Director

Dr Gemma Mackman is co-founder and Research Director of the Mackman Group. Her professional career has given her a broad knowledge of business practices, an appreciation of good customer service and experience of a diverse range of sectors. Gemma is also a member of the Market Research Society and has completed research training provided by the Economic and Social Research Council.

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