Customer Survey – Mixed Methodology

Customer Survey – Mixed Methodology
January 7, 2020 Mackman Research



Allmat Building Supplies is located in Kenley, Surrey. The company has been trading for more than 25 years and supplies the South East and Home Counties. Allmat stocks a wide range of products and is known for their knowledgeable members of staff. Allmat first contacted Mackman because they wanted to gain a competitive edge in the marketplace and in a specific geographic area. Mackman Research recommended impartial customer perception research and was commissioned to conduct a customer survey on behalf of the client. The perception survey was devised to help Allmat gain a deeper understanding of the relationship between them and their customers. The research needed to accurately measure the satisfaction and concerns of customers and inquire further into who they perceive to be Allmat’s competitors.


Mackman Research designed a questionnaire for customers on behalf of Allmat Building Supplies. Participants were notified that the survey would remain anonymous and that their details would only be used to enter them into a prize draw to win holiday vouchers with Customers were invited by the General Manager to take part in the survey and a Mackman researcher was granted permission to contact individuals. Each customer was called to complete the survey via telephone interview or to schedule a call at a more convenient time. Customers were also emailed a link to complete the survey online in their own time.


The target number of responses for the qualitative customer research was 150 participants, and 152 individuals took part in the customer survey. This achieved a confidence level of 95% and a confidence interval of +/-7.4%. Mackman Research evaluated the findings data and produced a detailed report which includes recommendations based on the key findings. The qualitative insight and recommendations from Mackman Research will help Allmat Building Supplies to meet the needs of their customers and provide service over and above those of their competitors.

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