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iSite TV and Currys - Consumer Feedback Research

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Mackman Research worked with award-winning video company iSite TV to conduct in-depth focus group discussions on behalf of the high street electronics retailer Currys. 


  • The research was commissioned by iSite TV to evaluate video content they had created on behalf of high street electronics retailer, Currys, and investigate what drives customers' decision making when purchasing electronic devices.  
  • The project focused on exploring the impact of three types of video content on the advertisement of four main electronic product categories: TV, Laundry, Computing and Gaming.  
  • Mackman Research designed a discussion guide in collaboration with iSite TV and recruited focus group candidates as the method for data collection via digital technology (MS Teams). The research was also split across two phases, where the phase 1 focus group tested the proposition of 3 types of video content, while the phase 2 focus groups explored the video content in further depth.  


  • 9 consumers participated in the phase 1 focus group while a further 32 consumers participated in the phase 2 focus groups, each lasting on average for 1.5 hours.  
  • The overall findings gave a clear indication of consumer preferences within the video advertisements, which could influence purchase decisions of an electrical item. This enabled Currys to adjust their strategy and incorporate consumer feedback into their video content regarding both audio and visual elements. 


iSite TV are a nationally renowned rich media company based in Colchester, offering a full suite of services including video, photography, CG & syndication. Their services incorporate every aspect of the creative process, from pre-production to filming, talent management, animation, VFX and styling. The iSite TV portfolio is replete with leading brands such as Sony, Whirlpool, and Cambridge Audio. Their head office in Stanway, Colchester, enables iSite to work with London-based clients as well as those in East Anglia. 


  • iSite TV are a rich media company based in Colchester, offering a full suite of services including video, photography, CG & syndication. 
  • iSite TV have worked with well-known household names such as Wickes, Samsung and Playmobil. 
  • The company's strapline is 'Bringing your products to life', encapsulating the technical and creative talents of their employees from a multitude of skill sets. 


Currys and iSite TV wanted to understand how consumers use the video content available on the Currys website in their journey to purchase electronic products. In particular, iSite TV wished to partner with our research agency in order to gather valuable consumer data. Representing Currys, iSite TV were keen to benefit from our expertise and wanted a methodology that would be thorough and robust. 

The overall aim of the project was to test 3 video formats to establish which style was preferred by consumers looking to buy a TV, Gaming, Laundry or Computing product. The video formats varied with differing lengths, product summaries and hosts. The questions identified by iSite TV that needed answering in particular were: 

  • Do people watch videos when looking to purchase electronic products? 
  • Will consumers spend more time watching videos if the value of the product is higher? 
  • Does video content persuade consumers to make a purchase? 
  • What other types of research do consumers do and how does video content complement that? 


Working with iSite TV and Currys, Mackman Research designed a research method which would use a series of focus groups to target recent consumers of electronic household products. Focus group participants were recruited in-person in-store (Currys, Colchester) and via social media campaign. They included a range of ages, genders and a mix of Currys customers and non-Currys customers. 

The focus group discussion guide was designed to understand: 

  • Do the videos engage with the customers across all demographics? 
  • Does the video content resonate with customers' Currys’ brand sentiment? 
  • What are the most liked/disliked elements of these videos? 
  • How do consumers feel about tech jargon? 
  • How do the videos sit within the customer purchase funnel? 
  • What is the emotional response to each video? 

The research was designed across two phases: 

Phase 1: This consisted of one focus group discussion testing the proposition of 3 types of video content in the consumer purchase journey of TVs. Time was taken to understand the general actions consumers make to research and purchase electronic household items. The candidates were also shown each type of video content, after which the same set of questions were asked to understand their likes and dislikes of the video advertisements.  

Phase 2: This consisted of 4 focus groups, one for each electronic product category, exploring the impact of the 3 types of video content in further detail. Although most of the questions asked were qualitative, as per the Client’s requests, we also gathered quantitative data during our focus group discussions.  


Due to the nature of the project, it was important to recruit focus group participants with a range of ages who have experience in purchasing electronic products in the 4 product categories (Gaming, TV, Computing and Laundry). To provide realistic viewpoints on consumer purchase histories, we slightly loosened some of the age quota restrictions. This allowed full participation and engagement from all candidates throughout the focus group discussions, resulting in the collection of thorough, in-depth consumer feedback.  


Consistent findings were observed across all focus groups with regards to the steps consumers make when looking to purchase an electrical item alongside likes and dislikes of the 3 types of video content. By analysing our data specifically by demographic features, unexpected trends were also observed. Insights specific to product types were also found, which all together, informed iSite TV on their strategies and helped to improve their video advertising on behalf of the electronics retailer.  

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